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RAPhotography-4374_ppMiriam graduated from art schools in Israel and the UK, where she studied mixed media art methods and creative thinking. Miriam was also a member of the Israel Designer Craftsmen’s Association for many years.
The artist uses a variety of materials in her works, including embroidery, beads, paper and fiber to fashion stunning, boldly-colored textures and designs that light up the space and convey an atmosphere of joy and regeneration.
The artist’s exceptionally interesting life story is also reflected in her work. A 7th generation Jerusalemite, Miriam returned to the capital after living outside of Jerusalem for more than 20 years.
Miriam’s art is greatly inspired by her childhood memories of her beloved grandparents. Her grandmother and grandfather had a business for embroidering on Parochets – the Ark curtain. The artist spent much of her childhood wandering among the embroiderers and the seemingly endless stream of colorful threads and materials, while absorbing the intoxicating atmosphere of the marketplace. In addition, Miriam’s mother – also an artist – often took her young daughter to visit art galleries and exhibitions.
For many years Miriam was part of the world of Judaism. However, after embarking on a journey to the Himalayas, she finally returned to her love of art. Seeing nature in all its glory, watching human culture with its intoxicating colors, and enjoying the feeling of endless freedom and space, resulted in the need to experiment with materials that can express this new found experience.
After searching nature and her own soul, Miriam decided to work with netting, its unique ability to transmit light and air between inside and outside, inner and outer, creating a series of reflections and a sense of “open-closed-open.”
The artist works together with architects and interior designers.
Miriam Mass creates and exhibits her artwork in her Jerusalem studio. All pieces are for sale. Artwork can be ordered to suit a specific room or space.

My Art

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Fibers, Colors, Netting and Innovative Designs

Miriam Mass is a multidisciplinary artist, whose artworks are full of imagination and creative openness, that express her inner personal world by means of complex pieces. These pieces are based on netting, and are filled with colorful fibers and an assortment of other materials, which together create a magnificent texture of conceptual symbols and similes. Every piece of art convey imagery that reflects fragments of landscape, authentic parts of plants and flowers, urban buildings, and segments from a dream-like cosmic map.

Using netting as her primary art medium, Miriam gives new meaning to the word “fibers” that she uses to create her works of art. Generating a new type of fabric, the artist captures paper, threads and fibers on transparent netting. Constituting a grid, the netting symbolizes a world composed of square elements, reflective of our personalities and experiences. Using layers of texture on transparent netting, the artist manages to create a special effect of light shining through together with a feeling of depth.  All these are informed by the spiritual attributes that the fibers carry, as a Jewish interpretation of Psalm 35 says: “Every fiber of our body is intimately linked with the Creator”.

Miriam takes the observer on a magnificent personal journey, in which she opens the window of her heart and shares her inner-most experiences. This convey an immediate feeling of warmth and joy.

Each piece of art is one-of-a-kind, there by creating an impressive effect in the area in which it is displayed. Some of Miriam’s works are also printed, using an original colors, in two-dimensional form, on various materials such as special paper, glass, Perspex, Formica and stainless steel. The printing technique opens up a variety of possibilities for a dialogue between the practical and the artistic, and creates unique designs.

Miriam Mass also designs lighting fixtures, room dividers and wall coverings – in cooperation with architects and interior designers.

My Studio and Gallery

Studio and Gallery, 51 Ein Kerem Street, Jerusalem, situated in the beautiful and inspirational gardens of the sculptor Aharon Bezalel.
Dozens of Aharaon Bezalel sculptors conversing with my works – creating a truly harmonious setting. Open most weekdays (not on Shabbat).
Please contact me to arrange a visit.

Miriam Mass +972-50-4566247